Interiors & Mental Health: Interview with Emma and Robyn at All Up in my Space

They say opposites attract, which is true in the case of our latest duo in our ‘Time Spent with’ series. We catch up with Emma and Robyn from All Up in my Space. Ten years of friendship and completely opposite tastes when it comes to their interiors. Together the friends launched a new blog; All Up in my Space, at the beginning of the year. They talk honestly and openly about mental health and interiors, looking at how one can shape the other.
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Self-titled ‘psuedo-minimalist’ Emma set up @thecrapflat to show off her love of monochrome décor and ‘maximalist’ Robyn celebrates colour (and eBay) @almost_everything_off_ebay. Treating their homes as a sanctuary to create a space for themselves, the two friends decided to launch All up in My Space as an outlet to talk about mental health and interiors. Read on to find out more about their individual styles.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog.
All Up In My Space Is the culmination of 10 years of friendship, opposite tastes and expert-level navel-gazing. It’s a brutally honest home-meets-head look at interiors and mental health, and how one shapes the other; how we create spaces that work for us. Robyn’s an out-and-out maximalist with a penchant for everything bright and patterned, and Emma’s a pseudo-minimalist whose dream is to live in a white box with nothing in it, but we both treat home as sanctuary, and love hearing about how other people approach their own spaces. So we interview, we style, we advise – we generally live it up, with a side-helping of introspection. 
How would you describe your style?     
Emma: I like my fashion how I like my interiors: plain and monochrome, with a touch of something a little bit different. I love an ugly shoe, and live for tonal pieces that I know I’ll love for years to come. I’m getting better at mindful shopping, so I’m more likely to spend big on something I’ll get a lot of wear out of – I want to love the things I use every day, rather than saving them for special occasions.
Robyn: I’m the complete opposite to Emma. I have a wardrobe full of party outfits I never have chance to wear but don’t have the heart to throw out. I’m fanatical about a great print, whether that’s florals or polkadots, the brighter the better and you can see them adorning all areas of my house and person. I like to think my style is eclectic and vibrant but underpinned by some sensible staples so I don’t look too crackers.
Retro Wideboy alarm clock and minimalist monochrome Scandi style interiors
Where do you find inspiration for your interiors?
Emma: Instagram! I can honestly say I’ve been influenced into more purchases through Instagram than any other platform. Why else would I own so very many vases? I also love going into the bars and cafés near where I live in Hackney – lots of industrial cool and big, open spaces.
Robyn: Everywhere. I’ve always been the person who’ll stop the person with a great coat in the street to ask where it’s from and it’s no different with my home. I get inspired by galleries, restaurants, magazines, shops, other people’s homes – wherever I go I’m magpie-ing for interior inspo.
What interiors trends are you loving right now?
Emma: this will come as no surprise, but I’m loving everything plain and minimal – I’ve loved the shift from high-shine gold to more pared-back, matte finishes and low-key colours. I’m nothing if not predictable!
Robyn: Ohh erm, I’m very into the 70s. I like the typography and the brilliantly gross prints!
Which is your favourite Newgate clock and watch?
Emma: I actually love most of the clocks I’ve seen from Newgate – the proportions and style are so very cool. For me, working from home a lot means that if I have a clock nearby, I’m going to watch it, so in the interests of staying sane, I’m going to plump for the awesome Drumline watch. I LOVE the gold face on the one I chose – makes me feel a bit like a minimal Tony Soprano.
Robyn: I love them all! I’m very into the Pluto, which sort of proves my point on loving the 70s but the Putney holds my whole heart. I’ve got one in my kitchen and it just feels like it would be up in a railway station in the Famous Five so it’s perfect for a closet train fanatic. It’s classic but also bold and punchy in its design. For that reason totally the Drummer or the Drummer Grand for a watch as it’s basically the Putney for your wrist!
Almost Everything off eBay kitchen interior inspiration Newgate Putney wall clock
What would you consider your biggest fashion / interiors mistake?
Emma: I think my biggest mistakes in anything come from not taking my time, trusting my gut and learning what I actually like. When I first discovered Instagram interiors, I thought I was boho, so I bought loads of texture and colour with crafty finishes, and then realised all that stuff in my space was actually stressing me out. It didn’t look awful, but just wasn’t my style. I also had an accidental mullet once. That was probably worse.
Robyn: Painting my spare room all white including the wooden floor. I’m need colour! And on fashion? Too many to mention – I did have quite a line of tracksuits growing up near Liverpool…
Emma The Crap Flat The Drumline watch by Newgate watches minimal style gold watch
What is your proudest achievement to date?
Emma: ooohh, good question. Mine is any time I’ve broken through a fear boundary to achieve something I never thought I could.
Robyn: Mine is just creating a nice life and a normal home after a bit of a ropey childhood – that’s why my house is my joy!
Are there any other Instagram accounts or bloggers that you’re inspired by?
Emma: SO many. @theresagromski and @the_wooden_hill for lols, @thesefourwallsblog, @joan_kaack and @catalog for minimal perfection, and @reggie_the_mini_bulldog for how-do-you-make-a-dog-do-that wowness.
Robyn: Oh yes, a million basically. @malmo_and_moss, @the_idle_hands and make me laugh daily, @lucytiffney and @eviekemp for print inspo and @grillodesigns and @wheelchichome for challenging us to make the interiors world a more inclusive and accessible one to be a part of.  And @pleasehatethesethings if I ever want distracting.
What is the ONE piece of interiors advice you would give to others?
Emma: live in your space, take your time and only bring things in that you absolutely fricking love.
Robyn: Do what you want, your home is there to make you feel comfortable and no one else so if you want to wallpaper the ceiling go ahead and do it. And always swatch test paint before doing the whole wall.
For more interior inspiration follow Emma and Robyn on Instagram Emma is @thecrapflat and Robyn @almost_everything_off_ebay
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Love Emma’s watch? She's wearing our black leather with a gold dial.
And Robyn’s clock is our retro alarm clock, the Wideboy.